XMA LogoXtreme Martial Arts is exciting and fun! It is exactly as the name sounds, extreme. This program takes the traditional techniques of martial arts and refines them to as close to perfection as possible. Then, those traditional moves are set to music, mixed with acrobatics and weapons to create an astounding display of athleticism and showmanship.

If you or your child wants to be a Power Ranger or Jackie Chan, this is the program for you.  Xtreme Martial Arts trains students in the over the top style seen today in martial arts movies, music videos, and in action films.  Many students in XMA have gone on to careers as stunt men, movie stars, commercial work, and backup dancers for popular musicians.  

Note! United Kempo Karate Schools is the ONLY licensed XMA training facility in the Indianapolis area.  

Mike Chat & McKenzie SatterthwaiteDeveloped by Mike Chaturantabut, (Chat) and McKenzie Satterthwaite, Mr. Chat and Ms. Satterthwaite designed and launched the first martial arts performance training program and product line called XMA, Xtreme Martial Arts.  Mr. Chat's talents and experience in the martial arts, along with his on-screen magnetism landed him a starring role in Fox's hit TV show "Saban's Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue," as Chad Lee the Blue Power Ranger (a.k.a. Aqua Rescue, Rescue 2). Mike began his TV career on "WMAC MASTERS", where he debuted his own character creation, Wizard.

Today, schools across the country have received training in this specialized program that has captured and held the interest of young and old. It has been extremely useful in keeping the teen market involved in positive activities. Mike Chat has developed and helped train the "XMA Revolution Competition Team", to include Jacob Kabel, who is a multiple time World Champion.

Michael Byrer Snap KickOur professionally trained XMA Instructors, Ms.Colette Byrer and Michael Byrer, can teach you the tricks and kicks to be able to compete and become a champion in XMA. See our school class schedule for times.


Contact us to begin your training today.  Not sure if XMA is for you or your child?  We always offer two free classes with no strings attached.  When you contact us, let us know you would like to try us out.

Zach Fairchild at AKA's 46th Annual AKA Grand Nationals

Colette's First XMA Kata at PKC Internationals

Chance Gregory - XMA Kata


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