UKKS Self-Defense is a proven method of street survival. Decide which of our programs are right for you. 


8-10 hours 

  1. Learn what to do if someone follows you to your car... 
  2. Basic Awareness Training
  3. Practice hands-on with Instructors
  4. Simulated Situations
  5. Easy Techniques


This is a much more intense level. In addition to everything in the previous level, the following will be added:

  1. Kubaton training
  2. Laws concerning self-defense
  3. Escape from grabs, rape situations, car-jackings... and survive
  4. Build self-confidence and much more!


This is the elite of our Self-Defense Curriculum

  1. Actually earn a Black Belt from this level of training
  2. Most realistic of all, hit, kick, punch and throw our instructors. They will be wearing our Red Man Suits so you can be as real as you want to be without worrying about hurting them. 

This level will prepare you for almost any situation. 

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