United Kempo Karate Schools is a 2500 square foot facility, conveniently located on the east side of Indianapolis, just off Route 70 and Emerson Avenue. The school is equipped with 2 training areas for a combined total of just under 1300 square feet. One of the training decks is a state of the art spring floor. The facility has separate changing rooms with lockers, a pro shop, a staff area and seating for parents and guests.

Practice Decks

UKKS has two decks available for training. Both decks can be run together for one large class or independently for two classes running simultaneously. Each deck comes equipped with its own air conditioning and controls for maximum cooling options.

The main deck consists of a large padded floor suitable for most types of martial arts, cheer, MMA, Zumba, etc. One entire side of the main deck is flanked by a wall of mirrors so students may assess their workout in real time. Additionally, the main deck is equipped with a stereo sound system for workouts that benefit from the aid of music. In addition to air conditioning, the main deck also has several fans available.

The second deck consists of a large spring floor. The spring floor contains two layers of 5 foot by 5 foot Russian birch plywood. The first layer is attached to the second layer via industrial strength Velcro. The entire floor rests on a grid of springs and is topped off with Zebra mats. This deck is suitable for all martial arts sports, including MMA, and XMA. The design of the floor allows for maximum absorption of shock from hard landings or throws from opponents without compromising a solid footing.


In addition to our premier decks, we also provide several options for practice dummies, hanging bags, crash pads, focus mitts, trapezoid pads, etc. All of this equipment can be used in the school to enhance your workout experience. Use our hanging bags to fine tune your punches and kicks. Give our practice dummies a workout for holds and take downs. We have what you need to be successful in your training.

Pro Shop

Do you need a new weapon, safety gear, school shirt, or other martial arts related item? Our Pro Shop can help. Located just inside our front doors, we provide full service to UKKS students as well as the public.