We are very excited to introduce the Bully Buster System™

The Bully Buster program is designed to empower children with the ability to end bullying situations peacefully before they turn into a fight. Many schools have programs to mediate conflicts after they happen. This program is unique in that it teaches kids proven strategies to use while the situation is going on. This program was developed by Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, a known expert in the field, based on his award winning children's book, Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?: A Guide To Handling Bullies. This program is a proven curriculum to assist children of all ages to learn to cope with peer pressure and bullying. Broken down into several age groups, the material is age appropriate and also comes with a complete guide to involving the parents as well.

2 Types of Bullying

Bully in jacket picking on smaller boy with backpackThere are two basic types of bullying. One is physical bullying, and the other more common type is psychological bullying. Through our program, students learn to identify twelve different ways that people bully others. They also learn twelve different strategies for diffusing the situation and walking away peacefully. This is like giving them tools for their mental toolbox, so they no longer have to be in reaction to their fight or flight instincts. Instead, they can be proactive by using their prevention strategies, or tools. That way, they don't have to either get suspended for fighting, experience the shame of running away out of fear, or enduring the bullying in the hopes that it will stop. They also learn that most bullies have themselves been victims and in turn bully others in order to regain a lost sense of control as a result of having been victimized. This program also addresses the bullies because if they learn how to avoid being a victim in the future, they will no longer feel the need to bully others.

Is there any way the school can benefit from this program?

The immediate benefit to the schools is happier, more confident, more peaceful students, and less incidents of bullying and violence. On an administrative level, this program also helps schools to comply with the federal mandate to have bully prevention programs in place. Furthermore, the Bully Buster System meets the need for violence prevention, character education, and self-esteem building all at the same time. This makes it cost effective. Finally, the program incorporates education across the curriculum with follow up materials and ready made lesson plans given to every teacher in the school. The best part is that schools that are using this program are able to pay for it with character education grants, and also with safe and drug free school grants. It is a win-win situation all around because our program puts you in compliance with the government's mandate and the government will gladly pay for it. The best part is the program really works. So, all of our efforts create happier, safer kids and significantly reduce incidents of bullying and school violence. This, after all, is our driving force.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bully Buster System or incorporating it into your school as an assembly or individual classroom event, please contact us at (317) 351-8557. Together, we can build tomorrow's leaders!

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