Taught alongside traditional Martial Arts, or alone, Edge MMA is a mixed Martial Arts Program for both beginning and advanced students!

A number of cable TV channels, such as Spike TV™ and Pay-Per-View™ offer mixed Martial Arts (UFC and PRIDE) as athletic entertainment programming, attracting a diverse and significant audience. The Edge MMA program captures the excitement and enthusiasm created by the TV fights, but provides instruction and materials that are age appropriate, safe and fun for young students, and highly competitive for adolescent and adult students, especially young men and women who want to learn to protect themselves even on the ground!

For Law Enforcement!  Mixed Martial Arts has been proven beneficial for law enforcement personnel as a means of subduing struggling suspects using non-lethal force.  

For most students, mixed martial arts increases self-confidence and self-defense abilities to dominate an opponent on the ground, avoid injuries to themselves, and control confrontations without resorting to strikes!


Classes are held Monday and Thursday at 8 PM

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We focus on learning self-defense that can be applied regardless of one's size or strength.

Whether you choose our Junior Classes, Adult Classes, or any of our special programs, you will find the expertise and professionalism at United Kempo Karate Schools unsurpassed.

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