Grand MasterMattocks


Mr. Mattocks began his martial arts training in 1968 taking lessons in Tae Kwon Do with Master Cho. In 1972 he earned his 1st. Degree Black Belt and continued to earn his 2nd. Degree Black Belt in 1974. He continued his search for more training. During that time he was hired by the Prince Georges County Department of Corrections. He achieved a perfect score at the academy and was transferred to the Training Division to train new officers. He transferred to Prince Georges County Sheriffs Department and helped form a Cadet Program for the department. He was able to receive specialized training and was certified as an Instructor in Defensive Tactics. He here met his first Kempo Instructor, GM Michael Branden, American Kempo Kombat Karate. He started learning Kempo and Kombatives, purposely spelled with a "K", under GM Branden.

Mr. Mattocks moved to Indianapolis and searched for a Kempo school, with GM Branden's approval. Mr. Mattocks was unable to continue under GM Branden at this time due to distance.. He enrolled in American Kenpo Karate Academies in Carmel where he received instruction from several talented instructors. He became a partner and was afforded the opportunity to travel to Albuquerque where he received training from Grand Master (GM) Bill Packer. When health problems caused Mr. Mattocks to pause his training, he was able to transfer back to GM Michael Branden, whom he trained with previously, in the Baltimore area. Mr. Mattocks received GM Packer's blessing to do so. Mr. Mattocks received his 1st. Degree Black Belt under the American Kempo Kombat Karate system. He continued to train under GM Branden and with his help formed United Kempo Karate Schools (U.K.K.S.). He was granted his own charter and awarded the title of Shifu, and promoted to 4th. degree. Several years later he was promoted again to 5th. Degree. In 2007, GM Branden returned from China and informed Master Mattocks he was to prepare for his next examination. He was promoted to 6th. degree and the Master of his style, Ch'uan Fa Shorei Karate-Do. At the death of GM Branden, he was promoted to 7th. degree and took over American Kempo Kombat Karate, at GM Branden's request. In February 2011 he was promoted to 8th. degree. (8th. Duan) and given the title as Grand Master. Grand Master Mattocks received his 9th. degree (Jiu Duan) in July 2016. In December of 2018, Grand Master Tsai bestowed the rank of 10th. Degree (Shi Duan) on Grand Master Mattocks.

  • Received AKKK "School of the Year" 3 years in a row
  • AKKK Sparring Champion 4 times
  • World Form Champion AKKK
  • Certified PKC, NASKA, AKA referee
  • Style-head "Chuan-Fa Shorei Karate-Do"
  • Certified Instructor for Defensive Tactics
  • Certified Instructor for Women's Self-Defense
  • Former Deputy Sheriff
  • Eagle Scout
  • More than 50 years in the Martial Arts.