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Lil' Dragon LogoThe Lil' Dragons curriculum is designed to engage and teach students from four to six years of age. The curriculum has been designed by Century Martial Arts, a recognized Martial Arts industry leader. The Lil' Dragons curriculum is taught in over 800 Martial Arts schools across the country, teaching thousands of children how to respect their bodies, as well as their teachers and parents through the practice of Karate. Classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15  for 30 minutes and are taught by our Lil' Dragons instructor and sometimes assisted by our junior instructors.

During their class, your son or daughter will learn about safety and life skills through the use of Martial Arts. Of course, they are going to have fun along the way by learning the proper and responsible way to perform Martial Arts that they have seen on television or in the movies. Our curriculum incorporates both traditional martial arts techniques as well as games that help keep the program interesting for younger minds as well as reinforce the learning taking place.

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Every child should be given the opportunity to try Martial Arts as a vehicle for physical activity. They should learn to perform Martial Arts in a safe and responsible way. Additionally, students should learn about safety and life skills through the use of Martial Arts. All students should be encouraged and motivated by a supportive instructor.

Life Skills

  • Lil' Dragons Chambura
  • Lil' Dragons Class
  • Cooperation
  • Listening and Memory Skills
  • Respect and Discipline
  • Exercise

Safety Skills

  • First Aid and Fire Safety
  • Personal Hygeine
  • Home Safety and Stranger Awareness
  • Traffic Safety


Students progress through a series of belt ranks as they demonstrate knowledge, skill, and ability. We encourage students to work at their own pace and will only promote a student to the next belt rank when that student is ready. At the beginning of each belt rank, each student is provided a card with all of the requirements to fulfill the next belt rank requirements. As the instructor verifies that the student has obtained and demonstrated the knowledge needed, they will check off the requirement. When all of the requirements are met, a student will be scheduled for the next belt test where they demonstrate all of their knowledge, skills, and abilities for that belt rank. Friends and family are highly suggested to attend these belt tests as they are milestone achievements in your son or daughter's Martial Arts journey.

Once a student graduates from the Lil' Dragons with a black belt, the learning does not stop. They also graduate into our junior Martial Arts curriculum. This program is similar to our adult Martial Arts curriculum, but pared down to be more appropriate for a younger student. Your son or daughter will continue their Martial Arts training, building upon what they learned in Lil' Dragons. The moves they learn will be more advanced and they will begin to learn katas. Katas are detailed choreographed patterns of movements demonstrating several Martial Arts strikes and blocks in succession. Many katas simulate defending attacks from multiple locations.

Lil' Dragons Chambura




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Lil' Dragon Creed

I'm a little dragon, oh so strong,
Learning each day, what is right and wrong.

During this class, I know I'll find,
Honesty for my heart, and knowledge in my mind.

Dressed in purple, green & white,
This class will teach me left from right.

MJ's Black Belt Test - September 27, 2013

Jeremiah - Lil' Dragons Form


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