Kickboxing practiceKickboxing is a term that describes a combination of several different striking or standup fighting styles.  The term kickboxing originated in Japan and came from full contact karate.

In 1966, a fighter who had studied Muay Thai incorporated techniques he learned from full contact karate and boxing into what is now known as Kick boxing.

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Michael Byrer Snap Kick





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White-Gold Stripe Belt is the first belt in our system to teach "the Basics".  On this belt you will learn how to properly make a fist, learn the importance of hip movement when striking, and several techniques along with the rest of the basics.  It is important you take your training seriously, and practice like you were really using it. 

Many students, when practicing, only go through the movements.  Practicing this way will be the way your body will react if you should call on it to use Karate.  If you practice like you are really using it, then you will recall it the same way in dire situations.  NOW is the time to develop this habit.

Practice, Intention, and Memorization = WHITE GOLD STRIPE BELT


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